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MiscRisk - "Risk for misconduct in entrepreneurship: Developing a risk assessment and guideline program for incubators" is an I&D Project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology -  taking place in the Faculty of Law, University of Porto, Portugal.   

Our main goals are to describe, assess, and prevent behaviors that might be considered unproductive in the relationship between investors and in early-stage startups. 


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Once the data collection is complete, responses will be deleted from the platform, and the database will be stored offline. The data is confidential and will be used strictly for scientific research purposes.

Our research fellows and Principal investigators will analyze the data. The responses will be statistically analyzed as a whole.

Only our global results will be presented to the scientific community in meetings and publications in scientific journals. There is a need to maintain the database due to publication guidelines - the database will be stored in a hard drive secured at a safe box only accessible to the principal investigators.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our researchers if you have any questions.

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